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Gear Box


We teach elementary school students how to problem solve real world solutions. We teach them how to use Problem Solving Process for everyday problems and larger world problems. We focus on the process. We introduce accountability and working in a team because seldom in life does one work by themselves. Whether you are friends with your teammates or not, whether you like them or not, you will be assigned to work and collaborate as a team. We will teach students to work in a group, to respectfully listen, focus, not interrupt, and add constructive criticism and input in order to complete a job together. This is an introduction to our approach and also an opportunity to open their minds to exciting possibilities; like finding a passion (for instance race cars like Wayne).

Gear Box


We take middle school students a step further and prepare them to use the Problem Solving Process in a specific career. We ask students to start thinking about what they are going to do with their lives, and what they want to do with their lives. All careers require problem solving. We show students with career specific examples and ask them to start thinking about the challenges they might face in their chosen career – and how to solve those challenges! These skills will prove effective in any walk of life.

Gear Box


We get really specific with our high school students. We help them narrow down their options, weigh pros and cons, and decide which is best for them. Once the student decides, we focus on very specific Problem Solving skills for that profession. We create a timeline together on how to realize each student’s dream and when possible, guide them through that process whether it includes specific skill training with Gear Up Maryland, helping them apply to the right Universities through our Mentorship program, or introducing them to one of our Partners for an internship. We prepare students for success in the world and try to open a door or two along the way!

Internship Programs

Through collaborative team projects, hands-on learning activities in the classroom, and workshops with local partners our students have the opportunity to develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. We encourage our students to assume increased responsibility for their learning, with the goal of mentoring new students. Students are responsible for maintaining, cleaning, and setting up their Gear Box kits, which encourages accountability. As students successfully advance through the course they will earn their own set of tools, which they will proudly use throughout their technical training and careers. Our methodology cultivates discipline, humility, and inspires pride in work. Gear Up Maryland seeks to empower students, helping them to shift from being passive consumers of information and products, to active creators and innovators that will have the potential to effectively address the necessary skillsets for the 21st Century. Our internships connect students with real careers across all walks of life.