Blake Goldsmith

Project Director

During College, I found a passion for creating and marketing events. At 28 I traveled around the world for a year collecting ideas, designs and concepts. During the trip I experienced danger, excitement, and a better understanding of how business and the world works.

In 1983, I purchased a catering business that catered high-end weddings and corporate events. In 1995 we expanded our model to a full service event company. Our events often focus on business & community development and fundraising.

My “aha moment” came after volunteering to produce a fundraising gala that had been floundering. We made over $150,000 “net profit” for the “nonprofit”. All of our sponsors and vendors were very happy. For the last 23 years, Extraordinary Events has provided event marketing, management, and production services for nonprofits and corporate clients. These services are ROI based and include sponsorship sales, online registration, graphic & stage design, catering, lighting, props, and media activation.

The theory behind Event Driven Marketing is that the most productive message is one that is relevant to the Customer and based on what’s going on in their life at that moment in time.